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Property Sourcing

Full Investment Service From Start To Finish

Wherever you are in the country, we're strategically positioned with specialists in some of the prime areas for property investment in the UK at present, ready to assist you on your investment journey.
When considering a property purchase, our experts will engage in discussions with you regarding the following:
  • Your investment horizon: How long do you intend to hold the investment?
  • Investment strategy preference: Are you seeking a high-yield cashflow property or prioritizing capital appreciation?
  • Investment amount: What is your intended investment budget?
  • Property condition preference: Are you interested in a refurbishment project or a property ready for occupancy?
  • Tenant situation preference: Would you prefer to purchase an "off-market" property with an existing tenant in place?
  • Key objectives: What are your primary investment goals?
Only once they have gathered all the necessary information, will they commence the search alongside you to identify your ideal property.

Property Sourcing

Enhancing Property Investment with Expert Management

The cumulative expertise in both the rental and sales markets, coupled with an in-depth analysis of local market demands and preferences, are amalgamated to craft lucrative investments for our clients, ensuring both robust cash flow and substantial capital appreciation.
With a track record of sourcing and transforming numerous properties, including diverse conversions and multiple HMOs, Progressive Lets offers a comprehensive Project Management service, taking full charge of projects on behalf of our clients.
Your advisor will engage with the local council regarding HMO planning regulations, coordinate with architects, building regulation officials, contractors, and tradespeople.
Additionally, our skilled consultants will leverage their extensive networks to arrange carpets, curtains, and furnishings as needed. Finally, your Progressive Lets property investment advisor will facilitate the handover to one of our lettings professionals for seamless property management.

Property Sourcing

How Does It Work?

Our advisors will arrange a meeting with you or conduct a video call to conduct an initial evaluation of your requirements. They will guide you through a buy-to-let workbook to thoroughly understand your preferences. Subsequently, you will outline your investment objectives and motivations, enabling them to offer advice on the most suitable properties currently available.
Following this consultation, the advisor will meticulously review all available properties and provide recommendations tailored to your needs. The decision to proceed with a purchase rests entirely with you. Should you choose to proceed, the property acquisition process will proceed conventionally.
As the completion date approaches, quotations for necessary work will be arranged, and if applicable, arrangements for furniture packs will be made. Your advisor will oversee these arrangements on your behalf.
Upon completion of the conversion, efforts will be made to promptly list the property for rental as soon as it becomes available.

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